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Key to the Future: Integrating Online Keyboarding Programs in School Curriculums

typing programs for elementary schools

In the current condition of our digital landscape,  keyboarding skills are more critical than ever. These skills are fundamental for students to navigate and succeed in an increasingly digital world. Digital literacy, which includes the ability to efficiently use technology, hinges on proficient keyboarding. As educators, it’s essential to recognize the necessity of integrating online keyboarding…

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The Role of Online Typing Programs in Remote Learning: Unlocking Typing Skills Anytime, Anywhere

Remote Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the shift towards remote learning has revolutionized how students access and engage with their curriculum. As we navigate this digital frontier, one skill stands out as indispensable: typing. In this blog, we’ll explore the vital role of online typing programs in remote learning, addressing logistical, educational, and social challenges faced…

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Enhancing Typing Skills with Gamification: The Power of Typing Agent

Jet Pack Typing Game at Typing Agent

Welcome to the digital age, where being a typing maestro is more crucial than ever! From firing off emails to coding and crafting documents, the keyboard is your trusty sidekick. But let’s be real – the whole typing practice thing can feel like a snooze-fest. That’s where Typing Agent, with its mission of enhancing typing skills…

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Our Latest In Online Typing Games

Typing Agent - Typing Game Streaks

Introducing Typing Streaks! I’m sure many of you have heard of Snapchat…well for those of you who know, Snapchat has an intriguing feature called Snapchat Streaks! Snapchat Streaks or as some call it Snapstreaks is a creative way to get people to use their app every day and if they do this successfully, a flame emoji…

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Gritcoins for Typing Games

Typing Agents Online Typing Games Gritcoins

Gamification = increased learning and that is why Typing Agent is all about keyboarding and technology gamification for students! Since the release of our new version TA 5, we have heard from many of our teachers how much they loved having their students be able to use the Gritcoins they earn for completing their lessons for…

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