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Gamification = increased learning and that is why Typing Agent is all about keyboarding and technology gamification for students! Since the release of our new version TA 5, we have heard from many of our teachers how much they loved having their students be able to use the Gritcoins they earn for completing their lessons for game time. We have listened and so it is without hesitation and with great excitement that we announce the reintroduction of Gritcoins for game time in TA 5.

Both Administrators and Teachers are at the controls and can turn on and off a setting that allows students to use their Gritcoins to purchase game time in our typing game arcade.  Each Gritcoin is worth 1 minute of game time and Gritcoins can be purchased in 10 minute increments.

To enable Gritcoins for game time:

As a School or District Admin:

Login >> School Management >> Grade Settings >>Choose Grade Level >> Navigate to the Games section, select Use Gritcoins >> Scroll to bottom and click Save

Enabling Gritcoins for Game Time as a School or District Admin

As a Teacher:

Login >> Select Student(s) you wish to enable Gritcoins for >> Select Accommodations from the fly out menu >> Games >> Check the box next to Use Gritcoins >> Click Apply

Enabling Gritcoins for Game Time as a Teacher

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CMO and Partner at Typing Agent. Charmaine helped turn this Seattle area startup into one of the most successful and tech relevant online Keyboarding SAAS companies. Passionate about really listening to her customers and keeping the product ahead of the technology curve.

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