New Features and Updates

Typing Agent New Features - Agent Challenge App, New Spy Mode Lessons, K2 Diagnostic Testing, 3plus Curriculum, Class Rostering

New Typing Agent Features

New Challenge Typing App

Fifty new challenge lessons have been added.These lessons will be unlocked for students with 10,0000 experience points and have unique typing lessons to improve accuracy, speed, and endurance.

Spy Mode Lessons

Starting in World 12 of our 3+ Keyboarding Foundations typing app the keyboard will be hidden and automatically appear if an error is typed.

K2 Diagnostic Typing Test

Now K2 students will be provided a pre-assessment and post assessment typing test.

Expanded 3+ Typing Program

Typing Agent has added almost 100 new lessons per grade for students in 3rd through 12th.

More K2 Typing Program Content

We have added 2 more mountains for your students to type their way up.

Class Rostering Options

Now you can choose to roster your students with Clever, ClassLink, and Google Classroom.

Typing Agent Updates

Typing Lesson Reporting

Top requested reports are now available for teachers and schools administrators along with improved navigation and readability.

Progress Reports for Students and Teachers

Updated program interface that allows students to easily revist typing lessons to increase performance and star achievements. Also a new view for teachers to help monitor their students typing progress.

2 Star Benchmark for Typing Student Achievement

Starting this year we have raised the bar for students, setting the default as 2 stars required for each typing lesson. Of course this can be customized.

Expanded Diagnostic Typing testing for Grades 3-12

We now provide a pre-assessment and post assessment test.

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